Logan – Review


Just yesterday I saw the brand-new “superhero” action film, ‘Logan‘.

I’m going to say this now and get it out of the way, you will be getting the most out of this film if you, like me, have been following the past 17 years of X-Men films. Despite the fact that there is no inherent mention of it in the title this is the 9th X-Men film and the third film in the ‘Wolverine series’. This movie also stands as Hugh Jackman’s final film acting as the character Wolverine, who he has been playing for the past 17 years.

First of all, this film is R-rated, so don’t think that because previous films in the series were rated PG or M that this one is one that you should bring your kids to see. This film is violent, more so than any of the previous films in the series, the characters swear often, but it isn’t gratuitous, and the overall tone of the film is very depressing.

The story in ‘Logan‘ takes places in 2029, at a time where almost all mutants have died out and no new ones are being born and follows the titular Logan (Hugh Jackman), now aged, sick, and unable to heal as well as he could, on his mission to escort a young girl, Laura (Daphne Keen), from around the Mexican border to North Dakota. The film also heavily features returning character Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart), who is now at least 90 years old and has a degenerative brain disease, which is also affecting his powers.

It’s hard to talk much about the film’s story without it feeling like something’s being spoiled, but I’ll talk about some stuff that’s already been in trailers. It is revealed early on that Laura is a new mutant, born in lab, and she has the same abilities as Logan, healing factor, claws, adamantium skeleton and all, due to her being made using some of Logan’s DNA, presenting her as a kind of daughter to him. This adds a strong kind of chemistry between the characters, since Laura is young, but often flies off the handle with her deadly abilities, and Logan is old, but knows boundaries and where to draw the line, it’s his job to keep her safe from the powers that be, but also to keep innocent people safe from her quick temper.

The imagery in this film is also top notch, with a lot of dusty orange and sunsets featured in the promotional material and earlier in the movie is very symbolic of how this is Logan’s last adventure and the more dull colour palette adds to the film’s more gritty, depressing atmosphere. I don;t really have much else to say about the film’s cinematography since I was so focused on the characters and emotions of the film, just as the film was, which is a positive because the characters in ‘Logan‘ are so strong.

I’ll also bring up that at a couple of key points in the film, several members of the audience, myself included, had to struggle to hold back a few tears, with one audience member audibly crying a few rows down from me near the end of the film.

I don’t feel like there’s much else for me to say about the film without going too deep into a story that really shouldn’t be spoiled, but what I can say is that ‘Logan‘ was an impressive film and a fitting send-off for Hugh Jackman’s Logan and is definitely a film you should check out.

Logan‘ is in cinemas right now. Watch the trailer here.


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